Smart investing, your Reward

Everything you want in a share home and more!

Reward by Gallery offers designer homes without the price tag. Our careful tenant selection process looks for tenant compatibility to enjoy all the benefits of communal living without any of the share house drama.

Tenant signs up

Register your interest to become a Reward by Gallery Tenant through our website. No surprises that
this is the first step to get the ball rolling.

Personality test

Here’s something a bit different. All Reward by Gallery applicants take a personality test to ensure household compatibility.

Reference check

You could have pulled a Keith Moon from The Who at your last place for all we know. So we like to double check.


Once everything checks out and your application is approved we’ll notify you so you can celebrate however you normally like to.

Move in

Move in straight into your fully furnished Reward by Gallery home with all utilities connected and meet your Reward by Gallery mates.

Reward by Gallery is for those like you, who want more affordable living options and the chance to build a better lifestyle through social connectivity.

Basically, Reward by Gallery is for anyone who appreciates all the social and financial benefits of communal living, and expects the highest degree of social cohesion and respect in their household. You won’t have housemates, you’ll have what we like to call Reward by Gallery Mates.


of Income


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Meet the best agent you’ve ever had

Have you ever had a really great real estate agent? Well, that’s exactly what your Clique Concierge is.

All communications are streamlined and easily managed through the Reward by Gallery suite of apps, and your Clique Concierge looks after: viewing your ledgers, seeing your routine appointments dates, lodging maintenance requests and handling lease renewals.

To take it a step further our app, Reward by Gallery Social, is where the non-transactional related information can be communicated. This is where the Clique Concierge can speak to all tenants in the home or send personal messages. Tenants can communicate directly with each other, too, ensuring no important household updates are missed. And, there’s social benefits too like pizza night deals or events we think you’d be interested in.

Want more

For further information, please speak with your Reward by Gallery accredited consultant.