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Reward by Gallery as an investment

Reward by Gallery – The Investment

So how does it work?

Reward by Gallery offers investors the unique opportunity to invest in purpose built, designer homes that fill a gap in the market for accommodation that allows for improved affordability and reduced social isolation.

Reward by Gallery is fundamentally changing the viability of residential investing by reshaping the way Australians live. Looking at a Reward by Gallery from the road, it appears to be a high quality home with a designer edge, renting for approximately $450 per week.

However – taking a look inside at the expertly designed layout, the opportunity for increasing rental yields becomes apparent with 3 self-contained rooms, all with ensuites and a number of communal spaces for tenants to move, relax and live. With each room renting for a minimum of $275 per week.

Three rooms renting for $275 per week is $825 per week. A vast improvement on the same sized family home counterpart of $450 per week. Tenants end up saving ⅓ to ½ of their income and can put that toward a home which would take over the next 3-5 years. But for the investor – you’ve just increased your rent by almost 100%

If we look inside a Reward by Gallery, we can see a spacious fully ensuited 3 bedroom plus lockable living are share home with stone benchtops to the kitchen and bathrooms, European appliances, air conditioning to each bedroom, two communal living areas and an outdoor living space.

The kitchen is a bespoke design allowing for individual use, with lockable pantries.

Solar panels offering renewable energy along with substantial insulation and acoustic sound barriers ensures that this home is green compliant. Utilities are connected by the owner and then re-imbursed through the Clique Concierge on-charging the tenants.


We ensure that every square metre is optimised to provide a better return to the investor, unlike the standard investment home. This is a guaranteed positive cashflow property from day 1.

A Reward by Gallery is constructed strategically to enable us to secure building permissions in owner occupier dominated estates which helps to drive the capital growth of your investment. The added number of bathrooms and kitchen appliances means that the depreciation is going to be greater, too.

What’s included

A Reward by Gallery investment is an all-encompassing, end-to-end solution for an investor who wants a high yielding, equity growing, low involvement asset.

When you invest in a Reward by Gallery, you benefit from:

  • Demand centric products: The Reward by Gallery team have strategic relationships with a number of different councils and developers
  • Finance Facilitation (if required): The Reward by Gallery product is specialised and any finance applications you make need to reflect those specialities which is why having a broker that understands what a Reward by Gallery is will greatly benefit you and your investments.
  • Valuation Management: Due to the unique properties of a Reward by Gallery, a valuation performed by a bank will compare the value of a Reward by Gallery to that of a 4 bedroom home in the same area without taking into consideration the added extras to accommodate the added tenants. As a result, valuations tend to be lower than the contract price
  • Reward by Gallery Construction: Portal, photos, process, transparency
  • Tenant Management – Clique Concierge: new tenants, personality matching, new tenant welcome packs, tenant dispute management, inspections

Want more

For further information, please speak with your Reward by Gallery accredited consultant.